Handcuffs and heartaches. Scars and Smiles

April 15, 2010 | Thursday

KANGAROO COURT. I have just had my recreation privileges suspended for the next 30 day, during which I will be confined to this isolation cell, and 60 days of further oppression yet. I can have no visits unless it’s legal or ministerial until next month. Funny thing is that it happened even to Thomas Whitaker and others who blog. I think that I’ll continue to blog because it is necessary.

I could tell you things. The Mrs. drives a white SUV and works Monday through Saturday. The mister may not like me to be so observant of his house, maybe. By the way, on the side of the house is an unattached carport that contains a 15-foot fishing boat pulled by a blue Chevy truck with silver flanges. Smile.

I could tell you of how they purposely aggress prisoners who they have it in for. Hank Skinner, who writes “Hellhole News” about the worst parts of this place. I just might be in their sights now. Such is life in this place, but I wasn’t always “in the place.” I readily admit that as a teen-ager I was a problem child with no guidance, although I never killed anyone to wind up in prison, but here I am all these years later. I once was really outgoing, quick to smile and a jokester who loved to have fun.

Where are my thoughts going with this? I don’t know. I am having an off day. I’ve told myself that I need to write every day because I along with others who blog from here want you to know what the Death Row experience is really about. I’ll be back in a minute, got to go check on my cows.

Yup, still grazing in the pasture out in the distance where I left them. Smile.

Don’t think I’m losing my mind, but actually I’m really enjoying my view to a world so close yet so far away. The cars, the woods. Handcuffs and heartaches. Scars and smiles. Some innocent thrown in among the guilty. The hooting and the hollering. Laugher of all sorts. From the genuine to the insane. It’s all a state of mind.


2 Responses to “Handcuffs and heartaches. Scars and Smiles”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Keep that mind of yours sane, brother! It’s ONE good thing that you have this viewing slit….. and it’s a good thing to watch your cows!!! 🙂
    Smiles and thoughts and prayers to you – same as every day – but now even more!!

  2. Françoise Says:

    You said it : “It’s all a state of mind.”
    I think this is a good summary of all the years you spent in those cells. Always trying to get the best from the worst.
    By the way, did you know that cows are producing a better and more milk when listening to classical music, above all Mozart! If you are to become a good farmer, train your voice. It works for the Dallas Cowboys also…
    Love and hug,

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