So many have not come back from that place

April 13, 2010 | Tuesday

IT IS FUNNY how things work out sometimes. Not a week ago I happened to mention watching a white cargo van slowly pulling away from Death Row at noon. I stood at the back wall window slit purposely waiting, watching for this van because I knew there was a condemned man, in chains, in the belly of that cargo van. I have known Hank for 12 years now and today he spoke to me about eating his last meal within sight of the Death Chamber. I have heard of the same experience from two others who also actually sat that close to death and felt it. So many have not come back from that place. Todd Willingham is among those who did not come back and now it’s exposed the he was innocent. I feel close to Todd at times. It was Todd who first called me Cowboy Roy. A crime that I am not guilty of, yet unable to prove it. Nobody believed him and the state took his life. In prison, I defended myself from an attempted sexual assault by an older prisoner. Unfortunately, it caused his death. I was placed in prison unjustly as a teen-ager and still am searching for evidence to prove my innocence. I should not have had to defend myself against that older prisoner.


One Response to “So many have not come back from that place”

  1. Françoise Says:

    We all feel always so sorry and deeply sad when other prisoners have to go through their last itinerary. Our prayers go to them, too.
    Sentence to Death HAS to be abolished.
    Un fuerte abrazo,

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