She believed and so do I

April 14, 2010 | Wednesday

ONLY TWO DAYS ago I witnessed several guards in riot gear as they escorted a man onto this cellblock (or pod, however you would like to call it). Steven Staley was shaking uncontrollably and chanting something that only he could understand. Staley has given himself up to a world that only he knows. I am not sure why exactly he was extracted from the cell where he was. I doubt that he even knows. Staley is a lunatic on Death Row. Actually, Staley is temporarily on another prison unit down the road where psychologists can have a look at him. After he was placed in one of these isolation cells, the guards left him to his unintelligible rants only to come back for him hours later.

They deemed him a risk to himself. I’ve often seen prisoners fall apart and wondered at how I have avoided that pitfall. Seventeen of the 20 years in which I have been incarcerated have been in a segregated environment with minimal human contact. Yet my will to live is just as strong today as it was when state officials conspired to unjustly send me to prison. I know that one day this will be proven and perhaps that is what keeps me sane.

My mom always told me, Dios es muy fuerte, m’hijo. She believed and so do I.


3 Responses to “She believed and so do I”

  1. Tina Church Says:

    I believe in you.



  2. Kiki Says:

    Rogelio; I had left a tick to get mails when this journal would be updated and I was very worried when I only saw one entry and never another one. No follow-ups ever to my mail address and I didn’t even check the site… I did however think of you every day, I continued to pray for you and that justice will be given to you; and then, some days ago, I got a mail from Isabelle telling me the news…. I was shell shocked to hear and immediately I decided to look into the web again.
    Sadly I have to admit that I had tons of computer problems and somehow everything concerning you and the site disappeared… Now I am back, I shall read every single entry of yours and for now I can only confirm that you were never far from my thoughts and that my husband and I are continuing to ‘accompany’ you day in day out.
    May your words at the end come true; I so wish that for you! Do I ‘translate’ correctly: God is the most powerful (strongest), my son (love)?! HE most certainly is… Be HE with you, every stretch of your road!
    Kiki xoxoxoxo

  3. Françoise Says:

    Keep always your will to live very strong.
    I am sending thousands of subliminal thoughts to all persons in charge of your case.
    Definitely, Roy, you are a part of our hearts and lifes.
    Love, prayers and big hug.

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