I am on the worst cellblock on Death Row

April 9, 2010 | Friday

I AM ASKING myself what you would make of this present situation that I find myself in. Would it surprise you to know how quickly things change in this place? An officer falsely accused me of threatening somebody, but it was until hours later that I found out. I have been moved into an isolation cell. Truly, I agonized about this last night and into today. I still do not feel well. However, I have decided to turn this situation into something positive. I’m two cells down from fellow prisoner who blogs at minutesbeforesix.com. Thomas is in an isolation cell because of a false charge and believes that his blogs are at the center of this aggression. Two others who also blog are on the first floor. What could I have possibly said? I will not stop blogging even though my postage will be severely limited due to my status in this isolation cell. Up until this point I have not expressed the true nature of this beast. That is about to change. I am on the worst cellblock on Death Row among the “perceived” worst prisoners in the state of Texas. I wish you could witness this particular spot for an hour or so and you would see for yourself how big of a scam capital punishment really is.

So, I’m in isolation now and it’s not enough that I have been stripped of all privileges (Joke: like I really had a lot!) But I am being fed this thing called a food loaf. Basically it’s what is served on the regular food tray. However, it is all mixed together on a cooking pan, baked and served to me in a brown paper sack. Yummy! I haven’t eaten it.


4 Responses to “I am on the worst cellblock on Death Row”

  1. Acey Says:

    I’m sorry to hear your in isolation.

  2. Norma Says:

    You WILL get through this… not our first “rodeo”, remember? Remain strong, Love. No dejes que el toro te tumbe. With you.

  3. Tina Church Says:

    Hang on—We have your back.

    Sending lots of hugs!

  4. Françoise Says:

    Hum, well, the “food loaf”! To feel nearer from you, dear Roy, each of us should try, once.
    But don’t remember : you must keep your force, all your force. So close your eyes and imagine your are eating your favorite Tacos.
    Hope you will soon get out of this terrible place.
    With a big hug, prayers and thoughts,
    Françoise (+ L, J.Fr. & V.)

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