I look back and realize shamefully how gullible and ignorant I have been

April 7, 2010

TWO WEEK AGO to this day I stood at my window at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and watched while a white cargo van slowly drove away from his Death Row building. This white cargo vas was headed to Huntsville and inside in its cargo bay sat a condemned man in chains. He was to be executed at 6 p.m.

How could I have known as a child that I would witness these things? Others have seen worse, I only speak of this experience and unique phenomenon because I am condemned to the same fate although I pray that one day soon this will change. I look back and realize shamefully how gullible and ignorant I have been.

I am fortunate that an innocence project has taken an interest in my case. This innocence project is called The Other Victim’s Advocacy (TOVA) and headed by an investigator named Tina Church. She has worked long and much for those, like me, who have fallen through the cracks in this unfeeling monstrous system. Two weeks to this day that white cargo van returned with a man shaken to his core and spared execution. I am not wholly without blame because in self-defense a man did die after I struggled to keep him from sexually assaulting me while in prison. Now I find myself on Death Row. As a child I could not even have imagined this nightmare. How I fell into it is unbelievable. If you would like to know more about my struggle or kindly give a donation to a non-profit  –501 (c) 3 — organization, TOVA, please contact:

Tina Church


Specialized Investigative services

Phone: 574-255-8364

Email: tchurch11@msn.com



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