I once had a family, just like you

April 6, 2010 | Tuesday

I’M BACK TO writing every day and here I sit, thinking of the direction my pencil is pointed towards. That direction would be my childhood for now. I told someone recently that I was writing a blog and he asked what I was writing about. I hesitated while I thought about it . I then said, about my life. A memoir? He responded. I guess you could say that. However, it’s not any autobiography, strictly speaking It’s also about this experience. Everybody and anybody can do this exact same thing. Think about it. At this moment, you can stop and think about where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed.

As a kid, I was a very small child. Small enough that I was bathed oftentimes in the kitchen sink. I am the youngest of my mother’s kids and called Roy since I was born. Strange nickname for a Hispanic child, but try pronouncing Rogelio! I’ll spare you the rolling of the rrrr and the surprising “h” sounding “g” in my name. My uncle was a Rogelio. My father was a Rogelio too, although I do not know the man. My mother raised us a single mom with the help of my grandmother. My recollection of those days is in broken moments. My grandmother had diabetes and had lost part of her leg, so she used a prosthesis and cane to get around. The cane she also used to collar us when we’d try to run! Those were good days. I must have been 4 or 5 years old. And always had my older brothers to play with.  Gary being two years older than I and Bobby and my oldest brother Victor two years older than Dina. Dina was my surrogate mom when our mother was out to work and Victor was always on the go. So glad to introduce you to my siblings. Gary Michael. Robert “Bobby.” Dina Roxeanne. Victor. And my mother Gloria. My grandmother Adela. I once had a family, just like you.


4 Responses to “I once had a family, just like you”

  1. deathwatchjournal Says:

    Hello Rodjelio 😉 this is how we call you in French, hope you don’t mind ? There are many who ask me how you are, how you feel these days… Many who think of you and pray for you. Remember of their thoughts and love for you when days are uncertain. Your journal is so appreciated, it brings you closer to us all, family and friends. Thank you Rogelio, stay strong and hopeful, always, we are with you. So much love from all here. More news very soon. Isa

  2. Norma Says:

    Roy… the stories of your childhood are so vivid I can see that little boy with the cane hooked around his neck! You did once have a family just like us… but now your family extends beyond the borders of blood, the borders of this continent… We are all with you. Take care, Love.


  3. Rosalinda Ordones Says:

    Hey there Roy, you will have a family again soon. Don’t ever give up. God is going to get you thru this. We all have been praying for you and the Lord will hear our prayers. Have faith in him and you will see. Take Care my friend.

  4. Kiki Says:

    Beautiful words by you, Rogelio…. and your friends Isa, Norma, Rosalinda….
    I just had a jolt of a thought….. there are kids who never even had a family! Shall think of those too…. but mostly I think what Rosalinda said should apply to you NOW: You have a far larger family than before – spanning around the globe and beyond. Think of all the souls of those who left this earth already and who are ALSO watching over you, THAT makes for a large family alone. And then you have those of your family that are still around – and then you have us who follow you closely!
    Good night, may your dreams be restful and beautiful.

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