I came into myself in a lonely service station restroom.

3 de Abril, 2010 | Sabado

BACK TO THE genesis as I know it: From my parents I came forth, just as we all have. As a baby of a few months, I can imagine myself being as any other baby who views the world through wide eyes and in that time experiencing life through our developing emotional health. I do not recall slobbering all over myself or any of the other unpleasantries better left in those unrecorded years. Some day we awake to ourselves and I read somewhere that our very first memory is laced with a strong emotion. I have heard that long-term memories tend to be laced with a strong emotional undercurrent. It’s just the way we are wired, I guess.

So, if it can be said that our first experience is when we came into ourselves, then I came into myself in a lonely service station restroom. I was born in Del Rio, but my mother’s family was actually from the southernmost point of Texas, in an area call the Rio Grande Valley. A single mother of five packed us up and headed home. On the way, she stopped at a service station and I recall this in broken moments.

I recall the restroom door closing behind somebody and not being able to get out. I recall becoming frantic and that I cried. When that did not bring anybody to my rescue, I clearly recall pushing over the trashcan. I recall shoving it around in frustration. I came into myself in a lonely service station restroom. Cowboy Roy.


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