I hope you enjoy this because now I’m baldheaded

December 24, 2009 | Christmas Eve | 9:30 p.m.

WELL, WE NOW have brushes! I wish you could have seen me last night. The longest part of my hair was the top, so I started to crop it off a bit at a time. Each bit has become part of a brush. When I got done, I peeked into the mirror and a man twice my age looked back at me! Hair remained only on the sides and on the back of my head. Laughing? It’s OK, because I was too! Well, now we have six different types of brushes. We got paint and we have a drawing board to paint on. I’ve been at this since last night and never even considered how time consuming it would be to make these brushes. I hope you enjoy this because now I’m baldheaded! Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noël.


One Response to “I hope you enjoy this because now I’m baldheaded”

  1. Françoise Says:

    Hi, dearest friend,
    Yes, I laughed so much, as I was imagining you with your particular look : just the contrary of the Iroquois (or Mohican’s ?). Sure, you must be the last one!
    Now, the next step will be “self portrait,” a genre of painting that every artist has to face (oh yes : your “face” on the drawing board) once in his life. Because we all want to see the results of your hair’s sacrifice.
    And by the way, how did you fix your hair on the brush so that they are strong enough to resist to your brushstrokes ? Anyway all this is so interesting and beautiful. You added another string to your already rich bow! I am so happy that you have found another passion, another way of colouring your hours and days.
    So, my dear Roy, don’t forget, very soon on this blog, “A Portrait of the Artist”.
    PS : Can you imagine, when you decided to shave your beard, one year ago. If you had saved every beard hair, you would have got a very special brush to make very special painting effects.
    So Rogelio my friend, keep on producing beautiful paintings and writings. We all are very fond of them. A way to keep in touch with you and share your everyday life.
    Much love y un fuerte abrazo, Fanfan

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