Necessity is the mother of ingenuity

December 23, 2009 | Wednesday | 1:41 p.m.

I HAVE BEEN considering in what way I can show another glimpse of this place to you. There are so many facts of this place that remain hidden from the public eye. What is the saying? Necessity is the mother of ingenuity? Yes, that’s it. Creative minds do reside here. For some time I have wanted to learn how to paint. Without fail, every opportunity that has brought me face to face with the prospect of learning has also placed barriers that I have yet to overcome. Until recently. This year, I received an early Christmas gift, and instruction book on painting. I asked for this particular book (Love you, Norma!) and now I am going to use it although some barriers remain. Mainly, the supplies necessary to create a painting!

Three times I have attempted to create a painting and fell confidant that I will succeed although I have had to improvise. This book calls for 13 types of paints to further create even more colors. I began with a set of dollar watercolors that I have since given up on as useless. The book calls or 10 different types of paintbrushes. I had only a plastic brush that came with the cheap watercolors. The book calls for a canvas board. I have a drawing board that should work just fine. The book also calls for other tools of the painter’s trade. I have none of those, but do possess determination and a will to succeed. The only art supplies sold to us through the prison commissary are: a set of useless watercolors, as daring board, a protractor/rule and a regular set of color pencils. We are not allowed to have art supplies sent in to us, either. Barriers. Barriers…hmm.

The three paintings I have attempted haven’t been as bad as I thought and these have taught me invaluable lessons. I have learned that regular pencil colors can be mashed into paints. So we now we have paints! I learned also that several brushes will be necessary to create a painting that resembles something. Anything! I have improvised to make a pair of brushes using my hair, but those two will need company.  We will figure some way. Necessity is the mother of ingenuity.


3 Responses to “Necessity is the mother of ingenuity”

  1. Norma Says:

    Roy, you conquered the obstacles and created art. The paintings are beautiful, and I am honored to have received the first “attempts”… (Love you, Roy!) I’ll see you soon…


  2. Françoise Says:

    “Barriers, barriers”, you said ?

    Well, you just gave us proof that barriers cannot stop brave hearts!
    Hopefully we could create a “Hair Fond”, from which you would be the beneficiary: each of us would give some strands of hair and so you could dispose of beautiful rainbow brushes, different length and strength, for different purposes and styles. I guess this is not possible, is it ?
    Love and thoughts, Chesca

  3. Kiki Says:

    I only realise NOW how that painting of Venice came about and I am speechless…. you ARE so innovative, so full of determination and of such talent – I can hardly believe it. I LOVED your story about moving around your brain cells to overcome the obstacles between your wishes to paint and then actually DOING a painting. You are an example in so many ways, Rogelio…. And you know no barriers; that’s a good thing!!!

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