This beast called Death Row

October 25, 2009 | Sunday

HMMM, SPORTS fans. Would you believe that we are also found in the bowels of this beast called Death Row?! Not everybody in these cells is captivated by football, but I am one who is! An hour before noon on Sundays most football fans tune into the football pre-game shows and lose themselves in the hype. I do sometimes lose myself in the hype, the days football games are all winding down. If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, like me, then you should be glowing right about now! How ‘bout them Cowboys? We won. They did that, the Cowboys. They won. 🙂

Gets me to something that I’m hoping to dispel in showing what it takes for me to catch a Dallas Cowboys football game. I thoroughly enjoy when the Dallas Cowboys beat any opposing team. Imagine me with my radio in hand waving it around in attempts to locate good reception but none is found, so I lift the radio over my head and point north with my free hand, lift my right leg, stick out my tongue. The static on this A.M. radio station does become loud for moments and the station fades in an out, but it never dims my great mood because, after all, I am listening to my favorite football team play. All the fine-tuning to this 5-cent radio is worth the trouble to listen to the Dallas Cowboys play!

Why not just walk to the living area and watch it on TV? This is not an option for any of us on Death Row. Contrary to how a lot of people think, we on Death Row live in 24-hour confinement and the last time anybody on Death Row saw a television was more than a decade ago. Our type of incarceration on Death Row is purposely geared towards isolation and sensory deprivation. In all the years of my incarceration I have avoided exposing my circumstances to my family because I did not want them to anguish about what I am going through.

This place and its conditions should be exposed for what they are.


One Response to “This beast called Death Row”

  1. Kat Briggs Says:

    Roy…. It makes me so happy to know that despite all you’re going through, you can still make people laugh…
    Just the idea of you on one leg, other one straight out in the air, tongue poking out with a radio held high in the air is too funny to ignore…

    and in your later post… the fact that you can still marvel in the same wonders of nature that i see from my front steps everyday…. May it be about 14 hours later, but still beautiful and you’re still enjoying it…
    Dont forget the small but amazing wonders of nature 😀

    Thingking of you still Rogelio, Australians are like elephants…. we never forget…
    Kat xoxo

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