Hope is yet alive for him.

October 26, 2009 | Monday

I WAS SITTING in the recreation area only minutes ago and am hoping that I haven’t yet lost my thoughts. It happens sometimes because at times we on Death Row are distracted by details. I wish there was a way to transport you where I sat only moments ago. Something came into perspective while I looked across into the small recreation yard where two men were tossing the basketball at the goal. They were obviously speaking to each other before and after every shot. They continued for some time while I stood and began pacing around. I then noticed Bobby Woods in an inside recreation yard, who was watching those to men. Bobby seemed distraught. All three of those men are on Death Watch and are scheduled to be executed this year. One of these men is scheduled to be executed on the19th of November, a year to the day when I was to be executed. My execution date was withdrawn. However, my situation remain serious. Moments ago I felt as one with what is possibly going through their minds. This is all so crazy. Another man is scheduled for execution tomorrow. However, as it’s a day from being done, hope is yet alive for him. Executions have become all too common in Texas.


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