A Display of natural beauty

October 27, 2009 | Tuesday

THE SUN HAS set outside of Death Row in Texas. I stood at my window and watched as the sun slowly inched its way down. The cloud’s colors became a display of natural beauty. Much in the same way the setting sun will show itself to you and will caress the soft spot within you as you stand watching it yourself. That is the same beautiful sight that I am privileged to witness.


2 Responses to “A Display of natural beauty”

  1. Kat Briggs Says:

    Dear Roy..

    I/we havent heard anything from you in a while, i hope all is well(or should i say, as well as can be in your conditions)

    I also want to wish you a merry christmas, i know you will have managed to find a way to enjoy it… It’s the Rogelio way.. =P
    Myself and my family had a big lunch, then drank the afternoon away.. I got given a pink beer hat, and as it turns out, they get you pretty drunk pretty quickly haha!

    Hope you’re still in high spirits and i wish you all the best for your new years

    with love from Oz,
    Kat x

  2. Françoise Says:

    Dear Roy,
    I was in Ethiopia (yes, again), those last three weeks and I had the chance of seeing beautiful skies and clouds.
    I have always loved clouds. I could stay hours and hours watching them moving with the air, changing their shape with the wind and their colour with the hours.
    One night, it was particularly beautiful. Our group – thirteen people in 4 Toyota Land Cruisers – was coming back from the daily itinerary, driving towards the sunset, in a fantastic area of red sandstone mountains, beautifully shaped and incredibly rugged. Minutes by minutes, the sun, still high in the sky, took exactly the colour of your “Venice Skyline” and slowly went down, giving to all the landscape a very soft colour, until he disappeared behind the high terra cotta rocks.
    There, the night falls very quickly. We arrived in the “Gheralta Lodge”, called as per the region and mountains name, consisting of 15 bungalows scattered around the main buildings, made in the region style, i.e. round dry stone (yellow-gold-grey) walls. In the reception area, there was a small lounge surrounding a green and white flowered patio, with a jasmine fragrance! And, as always in those circumstances, when the nature and the moment are so beautiful that you feel like crying of happiness, I am thinking of you: Roy would love it !
    An hour later the night was dark. In his lodge, the Italian owner chose not to put any light in the garden outside the small houses and reception-lounge-restaurant area. To move from one zone to the other, we all have torches in the rooms. And so, everything around being so dark, no light at all, no pollution, the sky appears even more beautiful, with millions and millions of glittering stars. A dream.
    As I told you, dear Roy, you are always sharing those particular moments with Luigi and me.
    Un fuerte abrazo y pensamientos calurosos, Chesca

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