Football, and a prayer

Sunday, September 27, 2009 | 10:40 a.m.

IT’S ALMOST 11 A.M. and I am on something and waiting for something. I am on my football kick, as it’s football Sunday and I have decided to enjoy the season no matter how hard things may get. I need to keep living my life. The 2007 and 2008 seasons were not much fun as I was anxious about an execution date.

Living is not all about football. However, it serves to remind me not to dwell on the things I cannot change. Football is something I enjoy and I intend to enjoy as many moments that bring me joy.

Writing as a way to socialize does this too!

The other thing I am waiting on is almost here. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and vibes. Prayer. I should tell you about big John. Big John is a chaplain on Death Row. If you saw him and didn’t know that he was a chaplain you would think that he is a Texas Ranger or a warden! I once did. Ha! Big John and his booming voice came by, checking on us and I have had a feeling of dread that I really have not wanted to discuss, but I did ask him if, while at church today, he would ray for me at 11 a.m. And it’s coming up on that time!

Ten minutes later: That was great. Anybody have ideas about what a universal language would be love, a language that could speak to the soul through emotional understanding? Curious. Thanks, Big John.


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