A sort of crazy normalcy

Sunday, September 27, 2009

IT’S A SUNDAY morning on Death Row. A very quiet morning, as you may imagine, due to several reasons. It is very early, the whole cellblock was searched yesterday, as were we, but truly, the quiet is deeper than that. We live in isolation. I have lived in isolation for almost 16 years, so it’s a sort of normalcy for me, and in each mind exists a whole world of its own. But the condemned around me and I share this isolation. After all, we are all the same in our sentence of death.

Although I do not have a definite execution date at the moment, I remain on the cellblock where “Death Watch” is housed, those men who have specific execution days. There are 84 cells in this cellblock where I am housed. However, the cellblock (or row) is divided in half by a huge wall and this side where I am kept is divided into three sections of 14 cells per section. It would be A Section, cells one through 14. B Section would be cells 15 through 28 and C Section is Cells 29 through 42. I am in 30 Cell, C Section. B Section is empty and it serves to separate us from A Section, Death Watch. We do still communicate with men on Death Watch whom we’ve known through the years, though. Where there is a will, there is a way. It’s not very difficult, actually, if one has a voice that carries. You’ve communicated in this manner? We have that in common, then!


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