A Re-introduction

September 25, 2009

HELLO. I HAVE thought over and over again about how I may to re-introduce myself to you all. As I sit here and write today I am more conscious now about what writing a blog is about. I have been incarcerated almost 20 years, so you can imagine how I know about the Internet. I am aware now, too of the number of “you all” who kept up with me when I last wrote this journal. I began this journal because of my impending execution date. I was not sure if the strength would be in me to continue my daily letter writing to friends., although I was sure I wanted them to know what I was going through. I began in ignorance of what a blog was and totally unaware that my plight would garner the attention that it did. I doubt my friends were surprised, though, because they’ve known me for a decade-plus and their shock over the horrendous prison experiences that I considered normal at the time of telling were exasperating to them. “You all” who through walked to the execution chamber know me from that experience – an experience that still makes me shudder at times.

To reintroduce myself I would have had to introduce myself, and I don’t think I ever did that. I apologize. Hi. My name is Rogelio. Roy. And I do not claim to be extraordinary in an sense of the word. In fact, I am like you in the most basic desires, body and spirit.

Some of you have wondered how I got to the point where you found me counting off the days toward my execution date. I began with a short summary of my case history and as I continue pushing my pen around in thought, it occurs to me that maybe I should consider some sort of direction. When I last wrote, it was more about my days and thoughts leading up to my execution, which, fortunately, did not take place. It was a daily journal, but I want to expand on that. I may not write every day. However, I will regularly post day entries about past experiences, future thoughts or things of the now. That thing about a sort of direction? Nope. Only took a minute to consider how confining that could be, and I’ve had enough of that!

If you have only a media-hyped or vague idea of what prison – and a death row experience, in particular — can be like, my life will introduce you to the true experiences and struggle.

We are on a regional lock-down status, with means that this unit, along with a dozen other units in the region, are on lock-down status and are being searched thoroughly. Tomorrow the search on death row begins, although after death row has been searched every day for the past months by a select squad of officers who have become known as “The Shakedown Crew,” nothing is likely to turn up. I doubt that even a bottle of prison wine will be found, as most of the makers have been run out of business by the constant harassment and searches.

I really should get ready for the trespass now, but before I put down this pen, I eagerly welcome you to join me. Instead of daily postings, I will post days as an entry, this being entry No. 1.

Shakedown! Shakedown! What a way to put my pen down, but those words alert everyone that the shakedown crew is about. Now I gotta go hide myself!


One Response to “A Re-introduction”

  1. Barbro Linde Says:

    Hello Roy! I´ve read several of your blogs today, 15th of Oct. 09 . Isabelle Deleze sent me your webadress. I know her through my dear,pen-pal, Spoon Jackson who is doing life in California.
    I have been thinking of you, and of your many brothers ( and sisters ) in jail, many times. When I first “met” Spoon, I didn´t know much of Prison politics in the States. Now, after 5 years,I know some more, and it doesn´t make me any happier. I think Death Penalty should be abolished, and Life Sentences never be without parole, I try to do what I can, but it´s so very little. I think it is wonderful you are writing, and so well expresses your feelings and thoughts. I wish you all best luck!
    Peace and Love from Barbro Linde, Sweden

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