Rogelio responds to comments

Rogelio has asked that I post these responses to some of the comments left regarding his journal entries, as well as messages to various other people. As you can read, he has neither stamps nor envelopes, so he cannot write any letters. — JRP

To the students of St. Michel in Switzerland:

Olivier/Jean-Iudovic: Merci beaucoup. Your moral support is uplifting. Keep well.

Jeremy/Damien: Justice is blind in this country, my friends. Look no further than the current crisis, the ruined lives and the government bailout. 

Revan: My best to you on your graduation in June, 2009!

Mathias: Your kind words are appreciated. Thanks.

Avrelie/Audry: Ironically, the death penalty does exist and in a country that defends human rights? The USA.

Valentin/ Jannis: I miss most  the common hug, a sincere and caring smile. We do as best as we can. Merci.

To others who have commented:

Corrine (Day 35): This place is an oxymoron and it’s just conflicting. I understand the ignorance of it and hope my words show this.

Rhianon (Rogelio, artist): And you know that I love you, too. Always keep this in mind: my love for you will not falter, nor fail. I will always love  you. 

Corrine: (Day 38): It gets difficult at times, but I find things to look forward to. I don’t know where the strength comes from, other than to say that God walks with us. The strength has always been within you.  

Marianne (Rogelio, Artist): Got your letter. We are on lock-down and have no stamps nor envelopes! Your letter brought smiles. I pray that I get a “stay,” Marianne, because I don’t want to miss out on your friendship.

Francoise (Day 28): Thank you for the wonderful poem. HOPE. I had not quite seen it in that light but it makes so much sense. And I thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. You are a lot like Isabelle. Hug her for me? Merci.

Christiane (Day 37): Your words of approval are so welcomed. Thanks for caring. God bless.

Art Taylor (Day 38): Keep me in your prayers, always!

Isabelle: I know what you are going trough, Buddy, and I wish that I could shield you from it. All these years you’ve been so good to me. You have shown me love that I never had nor fully comprehended, but this love has allowed me to grow, become a more complete man. Simply put, I cannot imagine life without you. For all that you are and continue to be, thanks.  Chingos de carino. Me.

Lucky (About Deathwatchjournal): Your letter was so needed. Thanks for the laughs. I am short of stamps and envelopes but will write when I am able. 🙂

Ruth (About Deathwatchjournal): Please tell Margy that I have no stamps and envelopes but will answer her as soon as I can. Thanks. And hello!

Kiki (Days 7, 9, 11, 17): Your comments are well received, welcomed. God will see me through. My foundation is solid and will keep me upright. Thanks for your warm thoughts and kind words.

Paloma (Day 32): It’s comforting to know that all of you have me in your thoughts. Gracias. Aqui sigo fuerte.

Julie Schubert: Received our letter but have no postage to write, but as soon as I am able, I will answer.

Carmen Bitsch: Hola! Got your letters (#4 and #6) but I do not have postage to respond. 😦  We are on lock-down status and they are really stepping on us.

Tabetha: Hey, I’ve got your letter but have no postage nor envelopes to respond. Sorry. As soon as we are given the chance to get some, I will get with you, cool? Alright, have you called Juan?

Adela: I know you read this journal,  m’hita, and just want to tell you that I love you and that I wish things were different. I always remember you as a little girl, when you weren’t but 4 or 5, and I miss those days. Tell everyone — your mom, tios, all — that I love them. Your Tio, Roy.


2 Responses to “Rogelio responds to comments”

  1. Lucky Says:

    Hi Roy,
    I have sent $20 per jpay several days ago for stamps or to buy peanut butter. 😉
    Yes I am very evil, I told you about my rascal in my neck. He is evil clownish.
    Aaaahh … no, don´t beat me please .. it was a joke … 😉 *ggggg*

    I hope that lockdown is finished now and that they will cook a good meal for you but never the last one.

    God bless you,
    your friend Lucky 🙂

  2. Rhianon Says:

    Roy, and I will allways love you. My heart is yours, I love you so much, your Rhianon.

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