Responses from Rogelio

October 14, 2008

I received a letter from Rogelio today. He asked me to post these responses to some of the comments that have been made by readers of this blog. –JRP


Chabela! Nice to red you on the Internet . . . well, sort of :-). Jonathan got the card. Like my beard? Juanski said that he’d grow a beard if you would?! Solidarity, Buddy! Huge grin!


For your words of encouragement, gracias. My hope has yet to dim.


Three words, but they mean a lot: I believe now.


All those exclamation marks . . . you’re doing like Rianon!!!!! Not feeling too well. My feet are sore. I think it’s tumors growing in my ankles. (Insiders’ joke . . . haven’t lost my mind, yet.)


What do you think of my beard? I look like a caveman? You’re just jealous 🙂


Comment ca va, mon amie? I have read your   words and appreciate that you are with me in thought. Merci beaucoup.


My words began to show somebody, anybody, what it’s like to walk in these shoes. I hardly thought it would mean much, as I told your Tio. I am convinced now that it is more than I thought and glad this has bred positive vibes. Your words gave weight to that. Thank you.


If not for your Tio Mumu, you never would have typed this text to me…I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I’m sure that you realize how amazing, how thoughtful and caring your Tio Mumu is, and I should thank you for allowing me to borrow your Tio these past 9 years. I know without a doubt that my life would have turned out differently, more productive, if I had had a Tio Mumu while growing up. He’s a decent and extraordinary person. The thanks go to him for touching all our lives.


One Response to “Responses from Rogelio”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    A beard for solidarity 😉 ? Sounds like an interesting campaign… Thanks to Juanski and you for asking me to join ! huge grin too. Well, what can I say ? You only could write this, Buddy 🙂 So happy to read you. Cards and letters are flying over to you right now, thinking of you very much, always. Much love. Chabela.

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