Me and my beard

Me and my beard


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  1. Marianne Rasmussen Says:

    Dear Rogelio, the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so a wise man said once upon a time and I do believe it’s true. And with or without a beard your warm and kind heart and tender soul shines right on through. Good to see you, handsome 😉

  2. Carmen Says:

    Hola Amigo! I had already commented on your beard in my last letter….indeed, it looks wild…. – smile – Keep it, it is great!
    Con un cordial abrazo!

  3. Letty aka Nene Says:

    This is not the Roy I remember, what happened to the clean shaven boy I grew up with. 😛

  4. Françoise Says:

    You seem very proud of it, don’t you?
    You can, it suits very well with your carnation… (Hi… hi… hi…)
    Good Boy, Roy
    Con un abbraccio

  5. Anna Pearl Thomas Says:

    Dear Roy, I can’t wait to send Francisco a pix of you w/your beard. love & prayers, anna

  6. Temba Says:

    Dear Rogelio
    i had a chance to read about you life story and what you went through.What i need you to take cognisance of is that there is life after death an it is my sincere hope that my mail will reach you and please whoever is transmitting the mails to Rogelio,please ensure that this mail gets to him.
    All are born under sin,judgement,death and oppression by Satan[Rom 3:23;Rom6:23;Rom 5:12;Heb 9:237;Rev 20:11-15].God provided in his son,Jesus Christ the only way to be saved and free from these things[Rom5:8;Isa53:4-6;John14:6;1John3:8;Acts4:12.When you believe in Jesus Christ and what he did for you when he suffered and died on the cross and you DECIDE to REPENT your sins and receive the risen jesus,you receive eternal life.You receive him by calling on his name[John 3:16;2Corith7:10;Rom10:9-13;Isaiah 55:6-7.Make this prayer alone when you are in your room and please do it.
    “Lord Jesus,i know i am a sinner.Come into heart lord Jesus and forgive me of all my sins.Satan and all you evil spirits,i reject you out of heart,out of my life.From today on wards,lord Jesus Christ i will live for you.Thank you for coming into my heart and forgiving all my sins,in Jesus name Amen”
    I believe with all my heart that if you make this prayer sincerely,the lord Jesus comes into your heart and will give you,most IMPORTANLY ETERNAL LIFE.
    Hoping the lord will do you good and according to the the plans and purposes of the Lord,he says in Psalm 79″Let the groaning of the prisoner come before you:according to the greatness of your power and your arm spare those who are appointed to die”



  7. Chantel Says:

    May our lord God be with you, and please repent and ask for forgiveness. There is life after death. No one knows what you are going through, but god knows exactly, remember he died for all of us. I cannot imagine anyone going though this, knowing that you will die in a few days, a lot of people are praying for you, be strong.

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