Switzerland high school students respond

THE FOLLOWING are letters to Rogelio from students at Collège St-Michel in Switzerland



We are Olivier and Jean-ludovic, two students studying at the Collège St-Michel in Switzerland. We are 17 and 16 years old.

We have just read some extracts of your blog with our English teacher. We just want to tell you that we are on your side and that we’re thinking a lot about you.

Olivier and Jean-Ludovic


Hello Roy,

We are Jeremy and Damien and we live in Switzerland. We’re studying at the Collège St-Michel. We like to practice some sport and go out with friends.

Our English teacher gave us pieces of information about your story.

We really think that the sentence is unfair and we do not understand how death penalty still exists, especially in a country which defends the human rights.

And you, what do you think about the justice in your country?

Take good care of you Roy.

Jeremy and Damien


Dear Roy,

I’m studying in a high school in Switzerland, planning to graduate in June 2009. I read some extracts of your diary in an English lesson.

Honestly, I don’t know what I should tell you. I just want to say that death penalty is a horrible thing. I feel so sorry for you and all the human beings in your situation.

We think a lot about you,



Dear Roy,

I’m 18 years old and I live in Switzerland. I’m studying in a high school and I hope I will go to University.

I can’t imagine what happens to you. You were the same age when you were accused and sent to jail. The law can be very dangerous if it is used in a wrong way, I feel so sorry for you. You seem to be quiet and strong though: your letters are full of intelligence, maybe because you’ve lived 20 years in a prison and you’ve had time to think about everything.

Try to live as well as you can.

I will think about you on the 6th.



Dear Roy,

We are two students in a high school of Switzerland, we are 17 and 18 years old.

We have just read some extracts of your blog in our English course and we are shocked because we cannot imagine that death penalty still exists.

We are thinking a lot about you in these difficult moments.

Aurélie and Audrey.


Dear Roy,

We are Yannis and Valentin and we are 16 years old. We live in Switzerland. Our mother tongue is French so we learn English at school.

We read some extracts of your blog with our English teacher.

We think that death penalty should not exist. We feel very sad for you.

If you have time we have some questions to ask you:

       What is the thing that you miss the most?

       What are you thinking about during the day? Are you allowed to talk to friends or to you family?

Be sure that many people think about you. Try to be strong.

Valentin and Yannis


2 Responses to “Switzerland high school students respond”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    Merci Olivier, Jean-Ludovic, Jeremy, Damien, Renan, Mathias, Aurélie, Audrey, Valentin et Yannis. Thank you for your time writing to Roy. You found the words that will touch him, Roy will just love your letters ! And he will say :”You made my day, guys!” Thanks to you all and to your teacher too!

  2. Françoise Says:

    Hello, Olivier, Jean-Ludovic, Jeremy, Damien, Ryan, Mathias, Aurélie, Audrey, Valentin et Yannis. I fully share Isabelle’s comment.

    Reading again your messages, full of human warmth and friendship, I had an idea:
    What would be wonderful is that many other young people like you could have access to Rogelio’s Journal and/or share it with their parents or teachers.
    I am sure that all of you have friends in other high schools in Fribourg or even in other towns of Switzerland, or abroad (friends, cousins, etc.).
    Try your best so that our friend Roy may received many friendly support. It helps so much.
    Thank you for opening your heart to other people sufferings … and your “email contacts” too! Spread Rogelio DeathWatchJournal all around you…

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