Isabelle, Rogelio's Swiss friend, and Rogelio, during a visit

Isabelle, Rogelio

This is a photo of Rogelio with his Swiss friend, Isabelle Deleze, who introduced me to Rogelio and convinced me to begin corresponding with him nine years ago. Isabelle is one of the most beautiful and amazingly generous persons I have ever met. She not only corresponds with and visits Rogelio, she visits persons behind bars in Switzerland on a regular basis, with the full support of her loving husband and two children. She is also a quilter, producing some of the most beautiful and creative quilts I have ever seen, and a fine photographer.


2 Responses to “Isabelle”

  1. Françoise Casanova Says:

    Thank you, Juan for this entry.
    And she is even more…

  2. Kiki 'Vol-au-Vent' Says:

    I knew about Isabelle’s engagement and can confirm what an extraordinary person and wonderful friend she is. I don’t know anybody else with such a selfless and compassionate personality. She is all of the above and more. I am praying for all of you people and I am very sad to learn that the death sentence is still applied in some states. I think that Rogelio, as well as others, have had enough time already to regret their doings and I am convinced that the death sentence is not the right way of ‘healing’ criminals. Thank You Juan for your work too, as I thank EVERYBODY who shows kindness and compassion.

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