Rogelio and Juan

Rogelio Reyes Cannady and Juan R. Palomo












A photo taken in the Death Row visiting room. Rogelio is, of course, behind a thick pane of plexiglass. I had to sit on the counter to make it appear we were close, and he strategically placed his elbow so it would appear as if it were on my shoulder. Polaroid pictures are taken by the guard on duty, for a fee.


5 Responses to “Rogelio and Juan”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    Looking at your picture, Rogelio and Juan, moves me deeply. I will try to put my emotion into words. It means almost ten years of regular exchanges of countless letters and mails, so many visits between the two of you, the three of us sometimes, Rogelio and I too. It means a wonderful Friendship between three people who might never have had a chance of meeting but for an article I received one day… You wrote it Juan. Rogelio shared it with me. I wrote back to you, Juan. These are the thoughts filling my heart as I look at you both. Precious friends and picture. I feel a deep gratefulness. Muchas gracias mi amigos.

  2. Paloma Says:

    Hello, Juan. I’m Paloma, Roy’s pen pal from Spain. He told me about you and Isabel. I just found this blog today… I recieved his letter yesterday and he says he hasn’t recieved my last one… I sent him a letter, a book and a lot of messages from people who send him love and prayers… but he didn’t recieved it!!!
    Could you please tell him that I wrote him, that I’m reading this blog and I think of him and pray for him??
    Also, can you please give me your email so that I can write you and keep in touch? I want Roy to know that I’m close to him these days…

  3. Tabitha Says:

    Hi Juan and Paloma,

    I am Roy’s pen pal, Tabitha from Pennsylvania. He also told me about this web site. He sent me a card thanking me for the composition notebooks that I sent him – they FINALLY got to him. I got the card on September 28th. I am hoping that perhaps we can all exchange e-mails addresses / information and perhaps put our heads together and think of something to help save our friend. There isn’t much time and I really want to raise as much awareness of his situation as possible. I have been praying everyday and I feel it’s a blessing that Roy has all of us in his life to comfort him and help in any way possible.



  4. Tabitha Says:

    I am sorry Isabelle – message was meant for you as well.

  5. Françoise Says:

    Being the witness of this extraordinary bond that unites you, Rogelio, Isabelle and Juan, as well as his other pen pals, of this stream of friendship and affection is just marvellous.
    It gives us a fantastic reason to hope. The power of love and friendship can carry out miracles, I am convinced of it.
    So, let us hope, again and again.
    Love to all of you

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